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Beating analysis paralysis by taking the first step

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Momentum is hard to come by sometimes. External circumstances, internal conflict, or a combination of the two often keep us in “park” when we should be “driving” in life.

I’ve been thinking about writing on this topic for some time. Mostly about writing and creativity. I’ve got about 60,000 words of a manuscript written. Yet I can’t seem to finish because I’m overwhelmed by its plot flaws. I’ve also got to get in shape and trim down after a year of pandemic carb therapy.

Seems the chief work I’ve been doing is sitting around lamenting about the things I’d like…

Get yours just in time for Lent, or use it any time of year

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I love the Lenten season. It’s a time to reflect and prepare my heart for Easter, a celebration of Jesus’ victory and the Christian’s redemption. Spending a bit of quiet time in prayer and reflection seems fitting as we enter springtime.

Rest. Renew. Refocus.

I’d like to offer you a free 82-page devotion you can complete over the 40 days of Lent, or during any 40-day period you choose. A scripture, short devotional thought, and question for further reflection accompany each day’s entry.

I pray you are enriched and blessed as you enter this season of waiting, reflection, and renewal…

The mellow painter was also a philosopher

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Growing up in the 1980s, I spent a lot of time watching PBS. My favorite was (and is) Bob Ross, celebrated mellow-man and painter extraordinaire. His soothing voice and the ASMR vibes from the sound of the paintbrush were intoxicating. They still are.

Besides being able to whip up a colorful mountainscape or forest painting in under thirty minutes, Ross imparted wisdom while he worked. Simple words, mic drop truths.

I got to thinking about Ross and his advice, realizing it applied as much to a writer’s creative experience as someone picking up a paintbrush and putting it to canvas…

Everywhere we look, He shows us something new

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Ever so slowly, I’m climbing out of the emotional abyss that was 2020. A year of heartache and uncertainty spilled over into 2021, even though it was supposed to be a clean slate. After all, a paper calendar page doesn’t wield that much power.

Looking back through my journal from last year, the common refrains of fear, anxiety, and worry about the future echoed. But one entry caused me to swell with hope as I remembered a tiny reminder God placed right under my nose.

Back in July, I walked to a church garden just down the block. I needed…

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Image Credit: Bobbie Brown Photography

I first met Robin W. Pearson some years back at a friend’s home. Later, we briefly attended the same writers’ group before she moved from New Jersey back to her beloved South. When we met, she was working on her first novel. I’ve been so excited to watch her journey unfold as she became an award-winning debut author last year. Enjoy this interview with Robin about faith, life, and writing.

TGC: How and when did your “I’m a writer” moment happen? Was it a lifelong dream or something that evolved over time?

RWP: I’ve enjoyed a love affair with words…

Scripture Prompt

Staying still under the Father’s wings doesn’t come naturally

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The Bible provides promise upon promise to us. Treasures at our fingertips — if only we’d seize upon them. Each promise stands as a testament to the goodness of Father God.

He is, was, and always will be the only constant in this shifting world.

Lavish loving-kindness is His gift to us. He is tender, merciful, and generous. And yet I still fumble and fail because I do not always choose to rest in His love. In my flesh, I fret and worry. …

Without a plan, we lack a roadmap to our goals

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I’m eager to step into 2021 after this year. Besides, there’s something intoxicating about a new year that conjures up hope and inspiration. At the end of 2019, I began dreaming and planning for my upcoming year as a writer. Creating a viable editorial calendar captured the number one spot on my list. It’s something I’d previously tried and failed to do.

Sadly, consistency isn’t one of my strengths.

I often find myself a prisoner of whimsy instead of operating by mindful planning. It’s part of my right-brained wiring. When I feel inspired, I write. When I don’t, vast stretches…

To recenter, we must escape the noise of life at the Father’s feet

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This year has been painfully difficult, making everyone eager to see it end. In no time, the calendar page will turn and present us with the gift we’ve been longing for-2021. A blissful new year. Hope and potential reimagined.

As I creep like a child to the edge of 2020 and peer into the unknown, I know there are things I need to leave behind. A scattered mind and fearful heart bullied me all year. They kept me from being my best self.

I fought back the best I could-praying and trying to be positive. Even still, my emotions got…

A poem

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Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

I saw my grandmother today —
Always with a cup of tea
and knitting needles clicking
as the television blared
daytime drivel.

I saw my grandmother today —
Putting coffee on for PopPop
before rinsing off the dishes
and telling stories
of a friend’s funeral
or neighborhood gossip.

I saw my grandmother today —
Angel pin on her shoulder
and devilish look in her eyes.
Polyester slacks and
coiffed hair lacquered in place.

I saw my grandmother today —
I snapped a photo of myself
while out on a blustery walk. …

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